In total the campaign for Warhammer Chaosbane generated more than 8 Billion media impressions. HomeRun PR was contracted for a 5 month campaign from February to June 2019. 1,250 features were placed across gaming media outlets and influencer channels. A series of videos highlighting the game’s characters, dev diaries and pre-order announcement enabled to sustain a long communication timeline, feeding the press with new info and assets. A press tour was also organized to secure preview features placements (105) alongside two phases of closed beta. All major RPG specialized outlets reported on the game in the form of news, preview or review features. Multiple exclusives were negotiated with IGN, Polygon and Gamespot increasing visibility for each individual PR beats. An extensive review campaign secured a total of 123 reviews and 405 Let's play videos.

In total the campaign for OUTWARD generated more than 2 Billion media impressions, corresponding to 718 articles and videos placed with video game blogs and influencer channels. HomeRun PR was contracted for a 5 month campaign from December 2018 to April 2019.

The main focus of the campaign prior to launch was the distribution of a series of gameplay videos explaining the core features of the game. HomeRun PR was able to create a partnership with both IGN and PC Gamer which placed all the videos published on their homepage as an exclusive. An extensive preview campaign enabled very positive impressions coverage prior to launch. 31 previews, 107 reviews and 301 youtube and Twitch videos were secured.

HP Lovecraft inspired "The Sinking City", developed by Frogwares and published by Bigben, required the focus of HomeRun PR's team throughout the length of the campaign which lasted 18 months from the first announcement to the release of the game across platforms. Securing numerous exclusives with top tier video game media during the communication beats, the results were well above expectations. Strong preview coverage, executed via a press tour in both NYC and San Francisco and a sizable review features placement program, enabled HomeRun PR to help Bigben reach its preorders and sales goals by creating anticipation within the video game community and expanding coverage to entertainment media.

HomeRun PR supported the release of Bus Simulator 18 on PC/Steam for Publisher Astragon entertainment. This iteration of the niche but popular simulation franchise has since been critically acclaimed with positive impressions from the likes of publications such as PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Mashable, Destructoid and Kotaku. To date (August 2018), coverage obtained from Influencer placements has resulted into a total of 4 Million+ combined views on Youtube &  Twitch. Bus Simulator 18 was also featured on Steam's Top New Releases for June 2018. 

To build anticipation and momentum for the mobile reboot of Ubi Soft classic RPG franchise Might & Magic, HomeRun PR was given the mission to target top tier publications and go above and beyond the traditional mobile gaming coverage. By leveraging the Might & Magic brand, the team managed to expand the reach to the technology and consumer media categories with features in publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Engadget, IGN and Game Informer. In total the campaign generated 256 articles, 429K Youtube views    and more than 290 Million media impressions.


Developer Eden Games released an exclusive Switch console version of their popular racing simulation handheld IP Gear Club in November 2017. HomeRun PR handled all communication efforts for the launch of Gear Club Unlimited from July 2017 to December 2018. Results include more than 600 articles across specialized, automotive and consumer media and more than 2 Million views on youtube.

Introduced Smarthalo (a connected device for urban cyclists) retail launch to Technology and Sports press in Q4 2017. HomeRun PR executed a 3 month holiday gift guide and review campaign resulting in placement with  specialized top tier blogs and consumer publications.

Creating buzz and awareness for independent game studio Novaquark and its upcoming PC sandbox MMORPG title Dual Universe. Securing media placement with top tier gaming outlets using the game's pre-alpha assets and content. Participation to E3 PC gaming show & NY Games Conference. Contributed to the completion of the 3rd most crowdfunded video game campaign on Kickstarter in 2016.

HomeRun PR provided media relations support for the Steam early access launch of Viking Real Time Strategy game Northgard from French Indepedent Studio Shiro Games. The communication campaign contributed to create anticipation for the release   which was number 1 on Steam's top sellers list in February 2017.



HomeRun PR managed media outreach to increase visibility for Independent narrative puzzler A Normal Lost Phone. Through the course of the campaign, HomeRun PR had the mission to deliver the game's messaging and positioning to the specialized media (PC & Mobile) while expanding the reach to other verticals. Coverage can be found in top tier video game, news and technology blogs.


HomeRun PR executed a press tour targeting top tier video game trade and industry press during 2016 the Game Developers Conference for the announcement of Asobo Studio's first    developed Hololens games. Helped reinforce Asobo Studios pioneer and leadership                    positionning in the Hololens ecosystem. 


HomeRun PR delivered more than 90 Million impressions for the launch campaign of Splendor on IOS and Android. Secured coverage with top-tier App review and Board game blogs while expanding to consumer and entertainment outlets for the digital adaptation of Splendor, a niche strategy card based board game from publisher Days of Wonder.

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